Stone is not a forgivable medium to work in. A dull blade, poor measurements, or careless impatience can render the most beautiful slab worthless. We strive to provide an unmatched quality job to our clients. That requires the best equipment, and the most talented Stonemen.

We use bridge saws by Johnson Marble Machinery to cut the slabs, frequently turning out the concrete tables and changing the blades for cleaner, more precise cuts.

For detail work including edging, sink cutouts, and polishing, we use the best routers, sanders, and polishers available. But it goes far beyond the equipment. Our Stonemen are thoroughly trained at their craft, with years of experience sculpting masterpieces for both home and commercial locations. Pieces are finished by hand—work that cannot be reproduced by mass produced equipment. It took mother nature a millennia to create these slabs, and you can feel secure in choosing us to do the fabrication.

Each surface comes with its own unique characteristics. We match our finishing products to these qualities to get that showcase finish. Stone is timeless. We work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction.