Project scope

We start by looking at the dimensional drawings such as blueprints or cabinet drawings and elevations. Once the basic shapes are known, the edge detail is selected, and any custom cut outs are identified. Jobsite consultations are available, although typically not necessary. For fireplaces and other unique projects, we do recommend a jobsite consultation.


At this point, pricing is determined. Contracts are drafted and signed.

Once Stoneman is selected for the job, your material is delivered to the fabrication facility, and a date is set for creating the template.


All measurements are taken and a template is made at the jobsite. From there, the template is taken to the fabrication facility.

Once at the facility, the template is laid out on the slab. We invite our clients to come down for this process. Alternatively, digital pictures are taken and sent for approval.


Upon approval, fabrication begins. In general, the process takes 2 to 5 days depending on the size of the project, but plan on 10 working days from template creation to installation.


Installation typically occurs within 1 day of completed fabrication. During installation, a natural stone sealer is applied (Engineered stone does not require sealant). Faucet holes are drilled.